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Selecting Shopping Cart Software Software

In the following paragraphs we are reviewing free PHP-based search engine optimization. PHP is selected because there are many such search engine optimization available and they’re cheap to personalize. While on an free solution it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel and make from scratch and all sorts of these solutions could be customized to provide your web store a distinctive look.

Statistics from reveal that Magento is continuing to grow considerably faster than osCommerce in the past 2-three years therefore it is reasonable to visualize that Magento is really a popular choice among individuals without any prior experience with ecommerce web development, while there’s an organization who’s sticking with osCommerce, most likely since they’re used somewhere. Statistics from Google implies that Magento overtook osCommerce when it comes to search recognition at the begining of 2009.


Magento is really a modern ecommerce solution featuring using the following pros and cons:


Table-free, div-tag-based design that is simple to modify and internet search engine friendly

Built around the model-view-controller (MVC) framework, Zend Framework, which supplies obvious separation between presentation layer and also the logic (code)

Based on a business and never a non-profit organization. The organization owning Magento is active in fixing bugs and supporting the shopping cart software

The machine is nicely designed and appears very modern

Search engine optimization friendly URLs in the get-go

Advanced features for example abandoned shopping cart software reporting, shipping estimator without signing in, setup of multiple stores in one admin login and much more


Magento includes a large number of files and tables automatically that takes here we are at an improvement team to understand. Customizations may therefore harder.

Magento is slower since it’s more complicated

Some estimates claim that Magento includes a 2-3 greater total price of possession which might not allow it to be worth all of the extra features for smaller sized webshop proprietors


osCommerce has existed for any very lengthy time (in internet context) meaning there’s lots of knowledgeable people around to aid it.


A really well-established community supporting the program

Simple coding (no frameworks, that takes additional time to understand), although the structure could be a mess, that makes it easy enter into and edit for less experienced PHP and MySQL developers

The straightforward code base causes it to be run fast

Requires only a simple virtual account with regards to hosting

There isn’t a lot of features automatically which might allow it to be simpler for small webshops to manage

It’s a large number of contributions (add-ons) available because of its lengthy history


Insufficient features and sensible features installed automatically that are needed to operate a large and heavy ecommerce site

Old kind of coding structure (no MVC framework) making an osCommerce solution with a lot of additional features hard to manage

Uglier default design and table-dependent layout that is less internet search engine friendly.

It will be imperative that ecommerce website Development Company that you intend to hire should be located near your business. They would be your best bet for all kinds of web development needs and services. They would offer suitable services at affordable price.

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